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Student Facilities


The college encourages its students to manage their own transportation as they may have to stay overtime for various reasons including tutorials, projects, presentations, and other group works. However, the College can provide the transportation facility for additional cost to needy students for fixed routes of transport.

ECA & Sports

The College organizes several extra-curricular activities and sports events to supplement the academic programs to inculcate value system and team spirit.


The College runs its own hostel for girls.

Internship Program

Description Percentage
Evaluation by Immediate Supervisor 50%
Report Preparation and Submission 25%
Presentation of the Report 25%

Objectives of The Internship Program

  1. Confirming the student's choice of academic major.
  2. Exploring and clarifying career goals.
  3. Learning to combine classroom theory and learning practical work experience.
  4. Gaining valuable work experience that makes a favorable impression or prospective future employers.
  5. Learning essential job-search skills that will aid in finding full- time position upon graduation.
  6. Acquiring greater independence, confidence and maturity by handing daily challenges in a work environment.
  7. Earning academic credit towards graduation while becoming familiar with state-of-art workplace technology.