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Nobel Culture

Nobel College has created an academic culture in which its students mature in self-discipline and self-confidence. Nobel fosters a scientific attitude in the students, where enquiry and problem stimulate learning.

The College Offers

  1. A global awareness in a stimulating academic atmosphere.
  2. Analytical, logical, and conceptual problem solving skills.
  3. Expertise to assess and interpret various aspects of our surroundings.
  4. Opportunities to develop disciplined and sustained intellectual application.
  5. Leadership skills.
  6. Globally recognized quality education.

Why choose Nobel College?

  1. It is ranked as one of the top colleges in Nepal.
  2. It offers a comprehensive selection of under-graduate programs run by dedicated staff.
  3. It is built on a strong foundation of academic excellence and innovative teaching.
  4. It has extensive links with universities and business establishments both inside and outside Nepal.
  5. The degrees offered at Nobel are internationally recognized; credits can be transferred to international universities.
  6. It has an ethnically and culturally diverse student body with a mosaic of students from all over the country.
  7. It offers scholarship opportunities to meritorious and needy students.
  8. It is located in an ideal peaceful environment with sufficient space for curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities.