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Evaluation System

A system of continuous evaluation will be followed by an end-semester examination. The continuous evaluation is administrated through tests, assignments, tutorials, and projects, which the students is required to do during the semester. The purpose of continuous evaluation is to monitor a student’s comprehension of the subject and to assess the degree of assimilation of course material not based on a single exam but on the basis of several assessments using a comprehensive evaluation methodology.

Grading System

The following grade point system shall be followed:

Grade Honour Points Description
A 4.0 Excellent  
A- 3.7    
B+ 3.3    
B 3.0 Good  
B- 2.7    
C+ 2.3    
C 2.0 Fair  
C- 1.7    
D+ 1.3    
D 1.0 Satisfactory Minimum requirements for credits
F 0.0 Failing