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Bachelor of Nursing Sciences (BNS)

  • New Semester Starts: -
  • Duration: 3 years
  • University: Pokhara University

Bachelor of Nursing Science is a three years course affiliated to Pokhara University and accredited by Nepal Nursing Council, which aims to prepare professional nursing with speciality on Oncology, Gerontology and Psychiatric Nursing.

Objectives of BNS program is to produce middle level nursing providers and leaders who are capable of making independent judgments and decisions, functioning in leadership position in the hospitals, community and health agencies, teaching juniors students, conduct research studies in the area of nursing.

  • Have a sound scientific knowledge and proper understanding of the nursing subject.
  • Are well acquainted with the nursing organization/institution in national as well as international context.
  • Can passes analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills.
  • Can possess the ability to use electronic devices for their thesis writing.
  • Have the ability to work individually and in teams
  • Have awareness of the environmental factors, social/functional relationship, and ethical standards that affect nursing administrative decision within an organization.


Course Name Credit Hours
Basic Sciences I (Th) 6
Basic Sciences II (Th) 6
Basic Sciences III (Th) 6
Basic Sciences I (Pr) 6
Nursing Concept & Principles (Th) 6
Adult Health Nursing (Th) 6
Adult Health Nursing (Pr) 5
Community Health Nursing (Th) 6
Community Health Nursing (Pr) 10
Health Sociology and Psychology (Th) 3
English (Th) 3
Computer Science (Th) Non-Credit
Course Name Credit Hours
Gerontology Nursing I (Th) 3
Gerontology Nursing I (Pr) 5
Psychiatric Nursing I (Th) 3
Psychiatric Nursing I (Pr) 5
Oncology Nursing I (Th) 3
Oncology Nursing I (Pr) 5
Obstetrical and Gynecological Nursing (Th) 3
Obstetrical and Gynaecological Nursing (Pr) 5
Child Health Nursing (Th) 3
Child Health Nursing (Pr) 5
Educational Science (Th) 6
Educational Science (Pr) 10
Course Name Credit Hours
Gerontology Nursing (Th) or Psychiatric Nursing (Th) or Oncology Nursing (Th) 9
Gerontology Nursing (Pr) or Psychiatric Nursing (Pr) or Oncology Nursing (Pr) 15
Research and Biostatistics (Th) 6
Research and Biostatistics (Pr) 10
Leadership and Management (Th) 8
Leadership and Management (Pr) 10