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Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc. Nursing)

  • New Semester Starts: -
  • Duration: 4 years
  • University: Pokhara University
Nursing Education

Nursing education is a dynamic, continuous learning process of acquiring nursing and midwifery knowledge and skills that bring about changes of students' behaviors. Nursing education acquires active and lifelong learning and new learning builds on previous knowledge and experience.

Learning in nursing education is best achieved when student is motivated and ready to learn, where students' dignity is respected, teaching strategies and learning experiences are carefully selected to facilitate critically thinking and professional or clinical role modeling is offered.

Basic nursing education is a formally recognized program of study providing a broad and sound foundation in the behavioral, life, and nursing sciences for the general practice of nursing, for a leadership role, and for post-basic education for specialty or advanced nursing practice.

  • To utilize sound knowledge in planning and providing care to the patients/clients.
  • To utilize sound knowledge in planning and providing care to the patients/clients.
  • To instill professional ethics and standards as an essential component of practice.
  • To carry out preventive, promotive and therapeutic nursing measures skillfully. Communicate effectively with individual and groups in variety of settings
  • To utilize nursing process for providing comprehensive and individualized nursing care to the clients.
  • To apply knowledge from the basic science, applied science & human science in providing care to the clients/patients.
  • To teach individual, families and groups for the promotion of the clients' health Demonstrate competency in the skills based on concepts and principles of nursing.
  • To provide nursing care to clients with different physical and mental health problems competently.
  • To provide comprehensive nursing care to geriatric people.
  • To provide nursing care to children with full understanding of growth and development.
  • To demonstrate positive attitude towards socio-cultural values and norms of individuals in meeting their health needs.
  • To develop skill competency in caring women during pregnancy, labour and post-partum period.
  • To demonstrate having knowledge in nursing leadership & management, national health care policy.
  • To demonstrate having knowledge emerging local and global health and nursing issues.
  • To develop skills in conducting research studies of different problems related to health and nursing.
  • To develop other competencies through extracurricular activities.
  • To utilize evidence based nursing practice in terms of providing care to individuals, groups, families and communities.


Course Name Credit Hours
Anatomy and Physiology (T) 6
Microbiology and Immunology (T) 3
Biochemistry (T) 3
Pharmacology (T) 3
Pathophysiology (T) 3
Integrated Basic Science (P) 3
Foundation of Nursing (T) 9
Foundation of Nursing (P) 20
Nutrition and Dietetics (T) 3
Community Health Nursing I (T) 5
Community Health Nursing I (P) 4
Course Name Credit Hours
Community Health Nursing II (T) 6
Community Health Nursing II (P) 5
Basic Epidemiology 3
Medical Surgical Nursing I (T) 6
Medical Surgical Nursing II (T) 6
Geriatric Nursing (T) 3
Medical Surgical and Geriatric Nursing (P) 22
Nursing Concepts and Theories (T) 6
Social and Behavioral Science (T) 3
Course Name Credit Hours
Midwifery I (T) 6
Midwifery II (T) 6
Midwifery III (T) 6
Midwifery I, II, and III (P) 20
Gynecological Nursing (T) 3
Gynecological Nursing (P) 2
Pediatric Nursing (T) 6
Pediatric Nursing (P) 7
Mental Health Nursing (T) 5
Mental Health Nursing (P) 4
Course Name Credit Hours
Leadership and Management (T) 6
Health Economics in Nursing (T) 3
Leadership and Management (P) 12
Educational Science (T) 6
Educational Science (P) 5
Nursing Research (T) 6
Nursing Research (P/Thesis) 9
Biostatistics (T) 3