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Academic Information

Course Registration

Registration for courses is done at the beginning of each semester. Since registration is a very important procedural part of the credit system, it is essential that all students present themselves at the college. In case of illness or circumstances beyond one's control, the student must inform the Principal or his deputy. Students can register 2 additional courses only apart from their regular courses.

The Semester System

An important feature of the semester system is the process of continuous evaluation of a students and the flexibility to allow the student to make the progress at a pace suited to his/her individual ability, in consonance with the regulation of credit requirements.

Each course has a certain number of credits assigned to it depending on its lectures, and practical work hours in a week. One lecture hour per week for 15 weeks per semester is assigned one credit. A three credits hour course has 45 class hours per semester. However, in case of practical, one credit will be equivalent to 45 hours of practical work per semester.


Students withdrawing from the college will be assigned a grade 'W'. It is student's responsibility to clear all records and obligations to receive the official separation. The official clearance form and procedure may be obtained from the office of college administration.

Students who decide not to return college after a semester break or intending to leave the studies at the College should notify the College's office in writing to avoid tuition and fee liability problems and to free the seats for other students. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of any refunds or retune of academic certificates the student may be eligible to receive.

No refund of deposits or security fees, under whatever circumstances, shall be made to students not completing their bachelor level education from the College.