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Examination Information

Internal and External Assessment

The College shall conduct the internal assessment, which carries 50% weightage of the total final grades. The internal assessment shall be based on tests, assignment, and projects.

The external assessment is conducted by the University at the end of each semester.

A student needs to pass both the internal and external assessment independently. Students failing the internal assessment shall be awarded "NQ" grade which will automatically disqualify the student to appear in the semester-end examination conducted by the University. Whereas the students failing in the University exam will be awarded a "F" grade.

Tests, Assignments & Projects

Students are given surprise quizzes and modular tests during the sessions. In addition, assignments and projects from an integral part of the course. Students are required to work on the theoretical part of these assignment and projects in groups, and work on the problems during scheduled tutorial/laboratory sessions. Group/ Laboratory assignments and projects are designed to strengthen concepts taught in the class and to ensure a more complete grasp of the subject being taught.

Tutorials are conducted in groups, and are aimed at encouraging students' teamwork. They are also expected to enhance independent study and find solutions to problems related to the subject taught in the class.

Assignments, projects, and tutorials are evaluated. The evaluation criteria also included an individual viva of each student. These evaluations form part of the overall evaluation of the student for the course.

External Examination

The University shall conduct the external examination and it shall carries 50% weightage of the total grades. Students need to secure at least 45% marks in each subject to be eligible for grading. Grades are assigned using a relative grading system for students once they have secured the thresh-hold marks of 45%.

A student should re-appear in the external examination of that course if he/she has received "F" grade in it.

The grade earned on the retake will be substituted for the grade earned first time the course was taken.