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Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharm)

  • New Semester Starts: -
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Affiliation: CTEVT

Diploma in Pharmacy at Nobel is a three-year course after SLC. The students after passing the SLC securing a minimum of 45% and willing to make their future career in the field of pharmacy profession can join the course.

The main objectives of Diploma Course are:

  1. To prepare professional diploma level pharmacy assistant.
  2. To prepare support technical human resource for pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality control and drug control.
Scope of the Course

Pharmacy is very dignified and highly respectable profession among health professions as it is directly related to the proper use of medicine and health care system.

A Diploma in Pharmacy graduate will be called pharmacy assistant as per Pharmacy Council Act 2057 with the following career opportunities:

  1. Continuing education in different universities in Nepal, Bangladesh, India and abroad.
  2. Opening retail pharmacy in municipality areas.
  3. Getting job in government and private hospital pharmacies.
  4. To work in the community pharmacy.
  5. Opportunities in drug manufacturing industries.
  6. Opportunities in health related NGOs and INGOs.
  7. Pharmacy education institutions as instructors.
Subject Name
Social Studies
Anatomy & Physiology
Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Application
Subject Name
Pharmaceuties I
Pharmacology and Therapeutics I
Pharamaceutical Chemistry I
Biochemistry, Microbiology and Phathology
Pharmaceutical Management
Health Education, Health Care System and First Aid
Subject Name
Pharmaceutics II
Pharmacology and Therapeutics II
Pharmaceutical Chemistry II
Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy
Forensic and Community Pharmacy
Pharmacoepidemiology and Environmental Health
Comprehensive Professional Field Practice