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Semester Toppers

  • Suprabha Pradhan

    4.00 SGPA

    2010 Batch (6th Sem.)

  • Dixita Upadhyay

    3.88 SGPA

    2012 Batch (1st Sem.)

  • Kelsang Moktan

    3.94 SGPA

    2011 Batch (4th Sem.)

Bachelor in Health Care Management (BHCM)

Bachelor in Health Care Management (BHCM) is a four year course of Pokhara University, which prepares students to enter management practice in a health care setting. The goal of the program is to provide a solid foundation of managerial knowledge within the health care industry, combined with the discipline to apply that knowledge in a professionally competent manner to advance the health of the community. Graduates of the health care management program will have the opportunity to explore exciting careers in:

  • 1. General Clinics
  • 2. Health Care Homes
  • 3. Hospices
  • 4. Insurance
  • 5. Mental Health
  • 6. Hospitals
  • 7. Government
  • 8. Specialty Outpatient Clinics


  • To produce qualified healthcare management and healthcare administration professional.
  • To acquaint student with modern principles, concept and ways of healthcare management.
  • To arouse awareness and interest in student about the importance and fundamental role that healthcare management plays in strengthening the development of the country and the people.
  • To prepare students for higher level studies and research, such as Master’s degree as Ph.D in this area.

The Curriculum

The curriculum implemented is accredited by Pokhara University. The general course is divided into core courses and specialty courses, the outlines of which are as follows:

  • Semester I
    English I
    Principles of Health Care
    Managerial Mathematics
    Principles of Management
    Computer Applications
  • Semester II
    English II
    Hospital Administration I
    Managerial Accounting
    Programming Languages
  • Semester III
    Business Communications
    Sociology Macroeconomics
    Health Planning
    Hospital Planning
  • Semester IV
    Research Methodology
    Hospital Administration II
  • Semester V
    Organizational Relations
    Principles of Marketing
    Health System and Policy
    Health Information System
    Health Care Inventory Management
  • Semester VI
    Human Resource Management
    Health Program
    Support Services
    Health Care Evaluation
    Health Care Law
  • Semester VII
    Strategic Management I
    Elective I (Specification* I)
    Elective II (Specification* II)
  • Semester VIII
    Strategic Management II
    Elective III (Specification* I)
    Elective IV (Specification* II)
  • * Specialization Courses
    1. Health Management
    2. Hospital Management

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